Common Bar Liability Issues & How to Stay Protected

Posted: September 01, 2017

Bars are a fun place to grab a drink after work and meet with friends, but bar owners must be aware of the most common hazards facing their customers and their business. Neglecting the most likely ways customers can injure themselves is a sure fire way to get sued. That can end up costing thousands of dollars in legal and other fees if you lose. The good news? You can protect yourself and your business from common bar liability issues with insurance.

The Most Common Liability Issues For Bar Owners

Did you know that most states hold bar owners accountable for the injuries of their patrons? And that’s just one of the many concerns that faces bar owners on a daily basis. Aside from customers getting injured, problems like underage drinkers sneaking in or customers leaving and getting a DUI can cause a lot of problems for bar owners in most states. Discover some of the most common liability issues that face bar owners and consider how they might be prevented.

Hazards That Can Injure Your Patrons

It’s worthwhile to eliminate as many hazards as possible. Looking around a bar, there are numerous ways for customers to get injured. From spilled drinks on the floor to chair legs that protrude into the main walkway, seemingly small hazards can cost bar owners a lot of money and stress when they cause an injury. In addition to purchasing liability insurance so you’re covered if a customer injures themselves, it’s also recommended to remove any hazards you can find. That way, you can help to reduce risk while remaining protected in the event of an accident.

Game Hazards

Many bars provide a variety of games such as billiards and darts for their patrons. These games can keep customers having a blast in your bar, but it’s important to be mindful that they don’t become causes of injury. For example, it’s common for pool players to leave their pool cues propped up against a stool or table, which can be a trip hazard for inebriated customers. Darts and other games also come with their share of potential for injury. So if you have these in your bar, creating good safety habits is imperative.

Customer DUIs

Believe it or not, the most common type of liability claim that faces bar owners is not injuries, but DUIs. When customers leave and make bad decisions behind the wheel, the bar is often the first to blame. DUIs are a major issue that can result in substantial fees for a bar owner. Since it is the most common source of liability claims, it’s strongly recommended that bar owners get coverage for customer DUIs.

Crime & Theft

Theft is another common bar liability issue. Bars are a place where thieves can commonly see cash being handed around and left as tips. In addition to cash, bars also have expensive bottles and equipment that could attract thieves. As tempting targets for criminals, bar owners can protect their business by insuring it against theft and other crimes.

Assault & Battery

Let’s face it, excessive alcohol drops people’s inhibitions and occasionally leads to bad decisions. While 99% of your customers may be responsible and in control of themselves, all it takes is one hot head to throw a punch and the damage can spread quickly. In the worst case, this can result in lawsuits from each patron who gets injured on the premises. Training your staff to keep an eye on the crowd and to calm any altercations before they happen can help to prevent violence, but it’s also smart to purchase coverage against assault in your bar.

King Street Agency Can Help Protect Your Bar

At King Street Agency, we understand the unique concerns of entrepreneurs in the bar industry. With liquid, alcohol, and large crowds, bars can pose a lot of risk for customers and owners. Keep the reputation of your bar safe by taking action to prevent common bar liability issues. King Street Insurance offers a wide range of options for bar owners to mitigate virtually every risk they face.

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