What Is Wedding Insurance? – Coverages, Tips & More

Posted: March 30, 2018

Considering that the average wedding in America costs about $26,000, it’s easy to see why couples would want to protect their investment. If you’re wondering what can possibly go wrong, the answers include everything from weather to wardrobe malfunctions. You have enough stress around your wedding! Luckily, there is coverage available to help you go into your wedding with confidence. Learn more about what wedding insurance is and how it can help you!

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

With so many people involved, not to mention highly-desired venues and a jovial mood with plenty of drinks, it’s no surprise that you should expect the unexpected at a wedding. Even if planned to the last detail, many aspects involved in a wedding remain unpredictable. Wedding insurance can take a lot of the stress out of your wedding by covering all of the most common factors that could go awry on your big day. As you consider whether wedding insurance is worth the investment, take a look at some of the unpredictable situations it can cover:

The Venue

From double-bookings to rules you didn’t know about beforehand, there are a surprising amount of complications that can arise when dealing with wedding venues. Many people choose a country club, resort, or scenic location such as an opera house. The truth is, each of these options comes with its own set of challenges. Investing in an insurance plan for your wedding means you don’t have to worry about an untimely thunderstorm or conflict with an event manager costing you valuable time and money.

Postponing Due To Weather

If you’re investing in an outdoor wedding, weather is always an unpredictable factor. The weather man may be right most of the time, but are you willing to risk your $26,000 wedding on his forecast? The fact is, weather does occasionally strike when it’s least expected—and least wanted. If you have to postpone, the burden isn’t only on you, but on any visitors who paid hundreds of dollars to fly in. Wedding coverage can help ensure that postponing your wedding due to weather doesn’t result in a financial disaster.

Wardrobe Problems

Wedding dresses are no minor expense. While they can be found for a few hundred dollars or even reused in some cases, many brides are content to pay thousands of dollars for their dress. If investing $2,000-10,000 for the perfect dress, it may be a good idea to invest in wedding insurance. Whether in the outdoors or in some type of wedding venue, a lot of things can leave their mark on an expensive dress or suit. With the right insurance coverage, however, your wedding can be that much less worry-free for both bride and groom.

The Reception

Receptions will often have hundreds of guests in attendance, and if alcohol isn’t available for free, it’s almost certainly served somewhere. The reality is that if one of your guest slips and breaks their hip while at your wedding reception, you could be held liable. With coverage against public and alcohol liability, however, you can rest easy joining in the festivities at your wedding reception, just like everyone else.

Wedding Photography

Unless you’ve hired a professional photographer before, you may be surprised at the cost of professional photos. The average wedding photographer will charge $2,814 to capture the big event. If this seems steep, it’s worth remembering that professional cameras and even lenses can cost many thousands of dollars and are very fragile. If you have to cancel your wedding, a no-refund deal with a photographer can hit you right in the wallet—unless you have wedding insurance.

Your Dream Honeymoon

Even your honeymoon can be covered with the right plan! Considering that the average cost of a honeymoon is $4,466, it’s clearly an investment that’s worth protecting. Many resorts have limitations or fees for those who have to cancel, and mishaps like a lost flight can take valuable time from your vacation. Don’t sweat it…

Say I Do To Wedding Insurance

The last thing you want to worry about is your wedding being hit by a heavy thunderstorm or receiving a lawsuit from a guest who got a bit too inebriated at your reception. With wedding insurance, you can walk down the aisle with confidence.