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Posted: June 19, 2018

For many Americans, home ownership is a great source of pride. For some, it can even lead to wealth as the home’s value rises. But there is another side of the coin for homeowners: unexpected events can take a toll on your home and possessions, leading to expenses that can drive hardworking citizens into serious debt. That is, unless you have the right type of insurance. If you’re looking for great home insurance in Mt. Pleasant, SC, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Is Home Insurance?

A home is by far the most expensive asset that most people own. Along with the numerous joys of homeownership, there can also be challenges. Many of these challenges can be a drain on your bank account. That’s where home insurance comes in.

By protecting your home against many of the common mishaps that can happen to it or your possessions, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered financially in the case of an emergency. Rather than protecting against a single threat, homeowner’s insurance is a package deal that covers several common causes of damage and loss.

Coverage Types

Even a standard home insurance plan will cover multiple bases, giving you versatile coverage that can protect you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common coverage types for home insurance in Mt. Pleasant, SC:


Dwelling coverage helps to pay for the rebuilding or repair of your home if damaged by a covered hazard. Most types of damage to the actual structure of your home can be covered under home insurance policy. Be sure to check your policy for all covered hazards. It’s important to note that flood and earthquake insurance may require a separate policy.

Personal Possessions

Aside from structural damage to your home, one of the biggest impacts of catastrophic damage may be your sentimental possessions inside. With personal property coverage, you can itemize your belongings and help ensure that your furniture, clothing, and other items are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Some items may warrant insurance coverage due to their particularly high value. This could include anything from expensive art and fine china to valuable jewelry and equipment.


Liability is one of the most crucial types of home coverage. This is often included in a standard home insurance package. Whether you’re home or away, liability coverage can protect you from lawsuits that result from anyone who is injured in your home, including court rewards and other associated fees.

Inflation Protection

If you’re a homeowner, then it’s great to see your home rise in value over the years. However, it’s typical for insurance coverage levels to stay the same as your home value goes up. Inflation protection is a type of coverage that helps you to ensure that your home doesn’t become underinsured if its value increases.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

Various factors play a major role in determining the cost of home insurance. These can include everything from the age and condition of your home to the quality of its construction. While those are the major considerations, there are many detailed factors as well. Check out our list of common factors that play a role in the cost of your homeowner’s insurance:

  • Age and condition of your home
  • Quality of your home’s construction
  • The quality and condition of your roof
  • How close you are to a major body of water
  • Your credit and claim history
  • Presence of a pool or hot tub
  • Pet ownership
  • Whether you own any wood burning stoves
  • Your individual insurance score
  • Whether you’re married or single
  • Whether there’s a fire station nearby

Related Insurance Policies

There are several types of insurance that are similar to standard homeowner’s insurance or that help to supplement a standard home policy in some way. Depending on your needs and location, the following policies may be valuable to you:

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