Home Insurance Coverage For Polybutylene Pipes

Posted: March 26, 2019

When it comes to disasters that occur in your home, there are typically subtle signs that indicate a problem before it happens. In the case of plumbing incidents that can lead to expensive damage to your home, ruptured pipes are often the culprit. Polybutylene pipes in particular are known to sustain fractures and cause problems. Knowing this, many insurance companies do not provide coverage for these pipes. At King Street Agency, however, we do provide a plan that offers home insurance coverage for polybutylene pipes. Learn more below, and request a quote today.

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What is Polybutylene?

Plumbers and builders are always watching for new materials that can better perform certain functions. In the 1970s and 1980s, polybutylene was the gold standard in piping. Even homes up to the early 2000’s may have poly pipes. Easy to use and install at an all-around low cost, it wasn’t long before polybutylene was the top choice for piping in many homes.

There was so much faith in polybutylene that it was widely considered to be the “pipe of the future.” Plumbers loved its ease of use while homeowners loved the more affordable cost. However, over time, the weaknesses of polybutylene became clear. As an increasing number of homeowners began to report fractures in their piping, it became clear that this miracle material wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

The effects of a ruptured pipe in your home can vary greatly. Here are some potential scenarios that demonstrate the wide range of consequences of a ruptured polybutylene pipe in your home:

  • The leak can be in a location that is easily noticed, so you can quickly have it replaced before serious damage ensues.
  • A pipe in a critical area can fracture, then get worse as it goes unnoticed for days and weeks at a time, eventually flooding your entire crawlspace or another area of your home.
  • A polybutylene pipe can burst, immediately sending large quantities of water surging through your crawlspace, bathrooms, kitchen, or other rooms of your house.

How Do I Know If I Have Polybutylene Pipes?

While many homes have polybutylene pipes installed, there are also many other types of piping, so it’s vital to know the difference. Distinguishing traits of polybutylene piping include:

  • Typically white and grey in appearance with a dull finish
  • These type of pipes may be installed internally and externally
  • If used as your home’s water main, the pipes may be blue, white, or black
  • Some pipes have a PB2110 stamp that makes them easy to identify

Bursting Pipes Cause Unwanted Expenses

No matter if your piping leads to mild or severe flooding, it’s going to cost money to repair the pipes and restore the parts of your home that were damaged. Depending on where the damage occurred and how long before it’s noticed, this can result in thousands of dollars in needed repairs. For many Americans, these expenses can become a critical financial burden. This is where polybutylene piping insurance coverage can be extremely beneficial for homeowners.

Insurance Coverage For Polybutylene Piping

While it’s rare to find insurance coverage that protects you from damages that result from polybutylene piping, we provide this coverage at King Street Agency. A leaking pipe can cause expensive damage and leaving part of your home flooded isn’t a viable option. It may be difficult to suddenly have to pay $10,000 or more in repairs, but with Polybutylene Piping Coverage from King Street Agency, you’ll have peace of mind that a ruptured pipe won’t wreak havoc on your finances.

How Does it Differ from Flood Insurance?

It’s important to note that polybutylene insurance and flood insurance sound similar, but they cover very different circumstances. Many of the situations covered by flood insurance are external to your home, such as damage brought about by extreme weather. For homes in areas prone to severe weather, it may be wise to carry both types of insurance.

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Polybutylene pipes are a prime example of how things you don’t even think about can lead to problems that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. At King Street Agency, we take pride in providing the coverage that matters most to home owners. Request a quote for a homeowner’s policy that includes polybutylene coverage, or contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents today.

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