King Street Agency Offers Travelers Insurance Products in Charleston, SC

Posted: August 27, 2019

Travelers Insurance is a brand you can trust when it comes to the critical types of insurance you need. From home and boat coverage to your auto and umbrella plans, the new options from Travelers allow for more customization than ever before. Now, King Street Agency clients in coastal South Carolina can reap the benefits of this new plan, gaining all of the coverage and special options you need at a competitive price.

Learn more about the Travelers Insurance products available through King Street Agency below, and contact us today to request a quote.

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A New Set of Options

When you need insurance to protect the investments you care most about in your life, it’s great to have options. That’s exactly what you get with Travelers, and it’s finally available for our clients on the coast. Here’s how it works:

Choose the Types of Coverage You Need

Travelers home is finally back in the coastal market, which will allow us to package your home, auto, umbrella, and boat insurance needs within a single provider. With a new insurance plan from Travelers insurance, you begin by choosing the basic types of insurance you need most. Our agents at King Street Agency will help you sort through the options and arrive at a decision that’s optimal for you.

Decide Which Level of Coverage Suits Your Needs

Once you’ve established the coverage types you need, you can peruse our options for the level of insurance you want. For example, those who want the minimal amount of coverage can choose Travelers Protect. For clients with more expensive properties to cover, Travelers Protect Plus and Travelers Protect Premier offer increased levels of coverage. This variety of options helps ensure that you can find the perfect level of insurance for your properties.

The Benefits of Packaging Your Coverage Together

Consolidating your various types of coverage into one plan makes it easier to organize, track, and make changes in the future. Travelers Insurance allows you to combine your home, auto, umbrella, and boat insurance into a single package. This saves you lots of time and ensures the process will be as convenient as possible.

Customize Your Travelers Plan with Additional Options

Choosing the types and levels of your coverage is only the beginning. Every client has detailed and specific needs, and this next step will help you customize your plan to meet them.

At King Street Agency, we are pleased to offer access to additional Travelers Insurance plans beyond home, auto, umbrella and boat coverage. While not every client will need these packages, some will find the right balance in the solutions they offer. These include:

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Roof and Siding Matching Coverage
  • Enhanced Water Coverage
  • Enhanced Security Coverage
  • Decreasing Deductible and Loss Forgiveness Coverage
  • Refrigerated Property Coverage

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If you own a home, boat, vehicle, or some other property, insurance can help ensure your investments are secured. Bundled Travelers Insurance plans available through King Street Agency offer the coverage you need with enhanced convenience. Contact our team at King Street Agency today, and we’ll help you find the combination of coverage that works best for you.