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Understanding ERISA Fidelity Bond Requirements

Also known as a 401(k) bond, ERISA bonds offer protection for participants in employee benefits plans. Under U.S. law, benefit plan fiduciaries and plan managers are required to obtain an ERISA bond. Learn more about the bond requirements below, and contact King Street Agency today to request a quote. Request A Quote

Do You Need Liquor Liability Insurance?

Americans enjoy meeting for a drink so much that bars and nightclubs have become a 27-billion-dollar industry. While the vast majority of patrons use good judgement while drinking and safely make it home, there’s always a chance that someone may leave and hurt themselves or other people. Learn more about how this situation effects restaurant […]

Builders Risk Insurance Coverage & Benefits For Homeowners

A recent housing aspirations report from Zillow revealed that 76% of homeowners would rather renovate than move into a new home. Throughout most of the country, the cost of buying a house is rising, so adding on a room or remodeling to boost the value of your current home is often a sensible option. Other […]

Home Insurance Coverage For Polybutylene Pipes

When it comes to disasters that occur in your home, there are typically subtle signs that indicate a problem before it happens. In the case of plumbing incidents that can lead to expensive damage to your home, ruptured pipes are often the culprit. Polybutylene pipes in particular are known to sustain fractures and cause problems. […]

What Is Covered Under Workers Compensation Insurance? 

Did you know that an average of 99 people are fatally injured on the job each week? No one wants workplace injuries. They harm valuable employees and decrease morale, and they’re bad for business as well. Most companies put a lot of effort into implementing safety measures, but still, accidents are inevitable. While some industries […]

FEMA Flood Insurance Maps Updated For Berkeley County

The Carolinas are no stranger to severe weather, especially in recent years. The fact is, anywhere that has a sub-tropical climate is bound to get a lot of rain or be vulnerable to hurricanes, either of which can lead to flooding. Floods can cause thousands of dollars in damage and serious problems for your home […]

Business Interruption Insurance Explained – Benefits & Coverages

People care deeply about their businesses, and when something happens that threatens to put a stop to its daily operations, you’ll want to handle that as quickly as possible. Discover how business interruption insurance can be a crucial advantage for any entrepreneur. In this post, we’ll walk you through the benefits and coverage options for […]

Classic, Antique & Collector Car Insurance – Charleston, SC

A classic car is more than just a vehicle. We understand the level of care and passion you have for your vintage beauty, and we are here to offer you peace of mind knowing that your treasured car is protected. King Street Agency is proud to offer antique, collector and classic car insurance in Charleston, […]

Hurricane Insurance Coverage, Preparation & Filing A Claim

As a tropical climate in a coastal region, the Carolinas are often in the path of major hurricanes. If hurricane Matthew in 2016 and hurricane Florence of this year are any indication, it’s best to be prepared if you’re a home or business owner in Charleston, SC or anywhere in the Carolinas. Learn more about […]