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Business Interruption Insurance Explained – Benefits & Coverages

People care deeply about their businesses, and when something happens that threatens to put a stop to its daily operations, you’ll want to handle that as quickly as possible. Discover how business interruption insurance can be a crucial advantage for any entrepreneur. In this post, we’ll walk you through the benefits and coverage options for […]

Classic, Antique & Collector Car Insurance – Charleston, SC

A classic car is more than just a vehicle. We understand the level of care and passion you have for your vintage beauty, and we are here to offer you peace of mind knowing that your treasured car is protected. King Street Agency is proud to offer antique, collector and classic car insurance in Charleston, […]

Hurricane Insurance Coverage, Preparation & Filing A Claim

As a tropical climate in a coastal region, the Carolinas are often in the path of major hurricanes. If hurricane Matthew in 2016 and hurricane Florence of this year are any indication, it’s best to be prepared if you’re a home or business owner in Charleston, SC or anywhere in the Carolinas. Learn more about […]

Business Insurance Coverage Types & Benefits

If you own a business, odds are you’ve worked really hard for it and have made a lot of sacrifices to keep it successful. Starting a business requires capital, a strong plan, and the ability to handle the unpredictable factors that happen along the way. The fact is, leaving your business without insurance coverage makes […]

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage – Everything You Need To Know

If you run your own business, odds are internet security is an important issue – possibly a lot more important than you realize. Hackers are more rampant than ever, and a breach of security can disrupt your business in a number of devastating ways. From stealing customer data to interfering with operating systems, a single […]

Earthquake Insurance In Charleston, SC May Be More Important Than Ever

Did you know that South Carolinians spent $41 million on earthquake insurance in 2016? The U.S. Geological Survey says that another earthquake comparable to the one that hit Charleston in 1886 is on the horizon, and it could easily cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage. With new reports suggesting cause for concern, it may […]

What Is Wedding Insurance? – Coverages, Tips & More

Considering that the average wedding in America costs about $26,000, it’s easy to see why couples would want to protect their investment. If you’re wondering what can possibly go wrong, the answers include everything from weather to wardrobe malfunctions. You have enough stress around your wedding! Luckily, there is coverage available to help you go […]

Auto Insurance For Teen & First Time Drivers – Tips & Advice

The day your child is ready to get behind the wheel is fast-approaching. It’s a monumental time for any parent, and it comes sooner than you think! Auto insurance is a necessity for all drivers, but there are special considerations for teens and others who will be taking the wheel for the first time. Here […]

Common Bar Liability Issues & How to Stay Protected

Bars are a fun place to grab a drink after work and meet with friends, but bar owners must be aware of the most common hazards facing their customers and their business. Neglecting the most likely ways customers can injure themselves is a sure fire way to get sued. That can end up costing thousands […]